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Andrew Bogut (Golden State Warriors)

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Latest contract details:
Andrew Bogut was traded to Golden State in exchange for Monta Ellis on Tuesday.
The other pieces included Stephen Jackson being sent back to his old stomping grounds, and Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown heading over to Milwaukee. This trade has a lot of implications, including a signal that Orlando is going to either go down with the Titanic or trade Dwight Howard -- but one way or another he is leaving. The other signal is that Golden State is done being a running basketball team. Pairing Bogut next to defenseless David Lee is a fine solution -- if Bogut can stay healthy. He doesn't have a chronic injury, though you can argue that his arm/elbow and ankle falls in that category, but he is a huge injury risk no matter how you slice it.

Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson have been officially traded to the Golden State Warriors as part of a five-player deal with the Milwaukee Bucks.
Bogut isn't going to help the Warriors this season, and there has been a lot of talk that Golden State is throwing the towel in on the season with this deal. It's unbelievable the Warriors were willing to take back Jackson and the ridiculous contract he's attached to, but it's possible he could still be traded elsewhere before the deadline. The Warriors are gambling big on Bogut's health, but he does fit a huge need in the middle and is a solid complement to David Lee's style of play.

2011-12: $12,000,000.
2012-13: $13,000,000.
2013-14: $14,000,000.
2014-15: UFA

TRANSACTIONS (Contract history)
Jun 11 2008
Signed a 5 year $60.5 million extension with Milwaukee (MIL)
Jun 21 2007
Milwaukee (MIL) exercised a $6.3 million option for 2008-2009
Jun 29 2006
Milwaukee (MIL) exercised a $4.99 million option for 2007-2008 season
Jul 1 2005
Signed a 4 year $20.3 million contract with Milwaukee (MIL)

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